I am a fan of John Green, and I especially loved The Fault in Our Stars. His writing is just so…quotable! When it came out last year, I was intrigued by Turtles All the Way Down and I finally got around to reading it this week. As with many of his books, this is not a long story, but it packs a punch. Instead of this being a review post (I rated it 3-stars if you must know), I wanted to share 5 of my favourite quotes from the book. Simple. Short. Effective 🙂

  1. Anybody can look at you. It’s quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you do.
  2. Thoughts are only thoughts. They are not you. You do belong to yourself, even when your thoughts don’t.
  3. In the best conversations, you don’t even remember what you talked about, only how it felt.
  4. You remember your first love because they show you, prove to you, that you can love and be loved, that nothing in this world is deserved except for love, that love is both how you become a person, and why.
  5. The problem with happy endings is that they’re either not really happy, or not really endings. In real life, some things get better and some things get worse. And then eventually you die.

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